Topic A :


1. Background

Food security, food safety and sustainable agricultural system in a broad-based rural development, offers the greatest potential to promote economic development and alleviate rural poverty on the widest scale. In addition, the need for adopting technology and infrastructure focusing upon the efficient and sustainable management of land and water resources and the decentralization of the decisions that affect rural populations, sustainable agricultural intensification is critical because the demand for food, fiber and other raw materials from rural areas is expected to at least double over the next thirty years while the land, water and other natural resources are going to be increasingly under pressure due to competing demand. At the same time, the development experience has shown that broad-based rural development requires not only successful macro-economic reforms but also policy and institutional reforms leading to decentralization, and participation and empowerment of stakeholders.
Lessons learned from current twin crisis, food and energy crisis, then the symposium on food and agriculture will focus on issues of food security, food safety and nutrition aspect and environmentally friendly agriculture.
The scientists from Japan and Indonesia with their competencies will be able to share their perspectives, research results and discuss both countries strategies and future collaborative programs to enhance the country efforts

2. Scope

  1. The food security and agriculture context

    • The need of food security, in the context of globalization and trade of food

    • The changing role of the state with decentralization and community participation includes policy and institutional framework for food production

  2. Technology for food ; nutritionally adequate and safe food supply

    • Appropriate technology for food production,

    • Increasing food (nutritionally adequate and safe food supply) and agricultural productivity while protecting the environment

  3. Rural Infrastructure for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

    • The need of rural Infrastructure development for food and agricultural production

    • Sustainable land and water use and crop management issues for agricultural intensification to assure food supply

3. The Speakers

Invited Speakers from Japan :

Invited speakers from Indonesia :

4. Schedule : Topic A - Food & Agriculture

Hour Program PIC
08.00-09.00 Registration & Welcome Refreshment OC
11.00-11.30 Plenary Session : Keynote Speech
Japan : Y. Fukuda, former Prime Minister *
Indonesia : Ginandjar Kartasasmita
Moderator :
Bachtiar Alam
11.40-12.00 Keynote Speech by Junichi Sugiyama (National Food Research Institute, Japan) : “Traceability and Application of Information Technology on Food Security” Moderator :
Tineke Mandang
12.00-12.20 Kaman Nainggolan (Min. Of Agriculture) :
“Food Security – Strategy And Challenges”
Moderator :
Hadi S. A.
12.20-12.40 Tadashi Hirasawa (Tokyo Univ. Of Agric. & Tech) : “Increasing Yield Potential of Rice: A crop Physiologist's View for Food Security”  

Lunch Break & Poster Session

13.40-14.00 Made Astawan (Fac. Of Agriculural Technology) : “Nutritional Status and Health Profile In Indonesia”  
14.00-14.20 Kumagai Susumu (The University of Tokyo) : “Food-borne Bacterial Infection : Occurrence and Control in Japan”  
14.20-14.40 Ida Farida Rivai (Fac. Of Agriculture, UNILA) : “Food Safety – From Farm to Table”  
14.40-15.40 Discussions  

Coffee Break & Poster Session

16.10-16.30 Shuichi Sato (Nippon Koei) : “A future possibility to increase productivity of rice and water as well as empowerment of farmers through introduciton of SRI” Moderator :
16.30-16.50 Eiji Yamaji (The University of Tokyo) : “Recent Research on Land Management for Better Agriculture and Food Security”  
16.50-17.10 Akira Goto (Utsunomiya University) : “Recent Research on Water Management for Better Agriculture and Food Security”  
17.20-17.40 Koji Tamaki (Tokyo University of Agriculture/J-WARD): “Urbanization and Sustainable Agriculture”  
17.40-18.00 Tineke Mandang (CREATA,IPB) : “Introducing OVOP to Indonesia Agriculture – Revitalization to Support Food Security”  

Dinner & Sholat Magrib & Poster Session








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